Top 5 reasons why pregnancy is AWESOME

I was the first amongst my friends to get married and the first to get pregnant. Over long lazy lunches, we’ve had innumerable discussions about the institution of marriage with me trying to show them the beauty of “being together forever” and convincing them to just take the plunge. The fact that ALL of them are still happily single shows how unsuccessful I’ve been. Most of them also talk about never wanting to be pregnant (“I don’t feel like I can physically go through all of it”) but here, I always have great fun listing reasons to make a persuasive case. As for the list on motherhood, well……!!

Anyway, here are 5 awesome reasons why I think pregnancy is really the best time of your life: (Pregnant gals and mommies new and old, please feel free to add more reasons in the comments section J)

1.You can eat all you want without feeling guilty

“The baby needs it” is reason enough for you to stuff your mouth the whole day without feeling guilty about the fact that you have a bigger appetite than your husband. Unless you’re one of those unfortunate few who get diagnosed with gestational diabetes (I was!), everyone wants you to eat all you like, when you like. And the best part is, people want you to request them for your favorite stuff so that they can pamper you (actually the baby, but whatever!). From off season ukdiche modak to biryani every second day, I was in culinary heaven for nine whole months.

Yes, all those cupcakes are for meeee!
Yes, all those cupcakes are for meeee!


P.S. Make the most of this as all of this comes to an abrupt and sad stop the minute the little munchkin is out of you; then it’s all about him.

2. You can sleep all you like without feeling guilty

Mummy’s most favourite line to me is “Uthun zara sharirachi halchal kar” (Get up and move your butt!) and I hear it every single time I lower myself onto the couch with the remote control in hand. But not once did I get that sarcasm thrown my way in those nine blissful months. In fact, she was constantly encouraging me to rest and lie down. My brother was made to fetch cushions for me so that I could literally put my feet up (to avoid swelling and all that). I spent many joyous, glorious hours with a book in hand, reading, dreaming, drifting in and out of sleep for as long as I liked. Being allowed to have uninterrupted hours under the covers with a book and the remote control in hand – need I say more?

3.Weight gain is good

For once, you don’t dread standing on that awful machine. You don’t need to look at the needles with eyes half-shut hoping that there is some 2 kg adjustment error. Every ounce and gram of increased weight is welcome because all that is just going to the baby. For the first and only time in your life every kilo puts a big smile on your face as you imagine the lil wormy inside growing bigger and chubbier.


4. Legitimate queue cutting

I love to follow rules, to obey and acquiesce. But it feels good to be meted out the special treatment sometimes, when you can get the best seats, the best table or the best deal just coz you “know someone”. During pregnancy, you don’t need any jacks – your belly, once it is showing even slightly, is reason enough for you to get special treatment all the time! No more waiting for hours in this city where everybody eats out on weekends, and no dirty looks when you walk past people who’ve been waiting longer. One hand on the belly and a slightly tired yet blissed out look and people just smile and want you to break the queue. If you’re an over-friendly chatterbox like me, you even get the added bonus of happy chitchat with strangers!

5. Beautiful skin and beautiful hair

I don’t know if it is the extra calcium and iron or the hormones or the happiness overload that does it, but you seriously look your best during pregnancy. Your hair gets shinier and all those oily acne spots disappear like magic. (Oh, they come back with a vengeance later, but whatever!) Now according to old wives tales, all that glowing only happens if you’re carrying a baby girl and you look rather fatigued if you have a boy inside, but trust me, those nine months only amplify your best features and nullify the ugly, making for a stunning you!


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