A Tagline for this Blog

A while back, when this blog was about four posts old, I took a WordPress course called Blogging 101. There were daily tasks to complete but I wasn’t diligent about it and I didn’t end up completing the course. One thing that really stayed with me from the course content was how much they stressed on picking the right name and tagline for the blog; something that would clearly and concisely explain the content and the purpose of the blog.

I quite liked the name I had already chosen (Two Purple Lines for the positive pregnancy test that gave me such joy) and although it didn’t immediately scream ‘parenting’ or ‘raising a child’, I didn’t want to change it. So I turned my attention to the tagline but my mind just drew a blank every time I tried to come up with something and so the blog has remained without a tagline so far.

Today, I started tossing some ideas around with my husband for the tagline. Words like ‘insights’, ‘confessions’ and ‘anecdotes’ came up a lot but I wrinkled my nose, because all of them sound so clichéd and done to death. Abhi liked ‘Memoirs of a Mother’ and I agreed to consider it. I suggested ‘For You, a Thousand Times Over’ but that didn’t have any of the keywords such as motherhood or parenting. After thinking of favorite movies and songs and quotes, we both liked ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Mother’s Mind’, though I wasn’t in love yet.

A few minutes later, I came up with ‘Parenting is coffee-colored’ to suggest the relation between being a Mom and the number of coffees consumed within a day. It made Abhi smile. “I love it”, he nodded. “Do you think I should use sepia photos in keeping with the theme” I asked half-jokingly.

Taking the coffee-coloredness ahead, I suddenly had a brainwave and opened this wonderful color palette pin on my Pinterest:


I’ve always found color words so evocative. I love the basic ones, blue, purple, silver, but even more, the in-between shades and their pretty names such as Tangerine and Teal and Daffodil and Cinnamon and Coral and Ivory.

I was reading all these colors and Abhi was poring over my shoulder and we both stumbled upon it at the same time, just as we had simultaneously stumbled upon the name “Rumi” for the baby still in my womb. “It should be two shades of purple for the Two Purple Lines of the blog name” beamed Abhi. “Yes, a lighter shade for the lighter, fluffier moments and a dark one for the harder, richer, textured times” I agreed.

We played with a few words. ‘Lilac and Orchid’?  ‘Periwinkle and Amethyst’? We eventually settled for ‘Parenting is lavender and wine’. Lavender is the lightest shade in the purple palette and it reminds me of freshness, of happy fields in Europe, of light, airiness and sunshine. Wine, the darkest shade is reminiscent of richness and decadence and candlelight. It’s a good contrast, I find, although I think that the original purpose of clarity about the blog content and purpose is still defeated as the tagline does NOT clearly describe the blog to potential readers.

What do you think of the ideas we’ve had? Would you have a suggestion or two for the tagline of this blog?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tejal Munagekar says:

    Two purple lines – …And the curves and bends that follow! 😊


    1. Rumi's mommy says:

      Thanks for commenting here tejal 😍


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