My muse turns three!

It is something all parents constantly say and you don’t really fathom till you are a parent yourself: time flies when you have a child! Why, it seems that only yesterday we drove to the hospital for my c-section, i lay on the table feeling very cold and hungry and my doctor announced “It’s a girl!” I can’t believe it is already three years since i cried out of fear that i would never be able to look after another human being and deluded myself into believing that “It will obviously be easier once she starts walking and talking”.

I feel very special and very lucky and very humbled to be given this chance to love and nurture and help raise Rumi. She inspires me to be a better me every single day. She makes me want to reach for the stars, she makes me slow down and enjoy every single minute that I have, she makes me happier than i ever thought i could be (yes, Chandler does say it to Monica but i could not have put it better!)

Thank you Rumi. For you, with your wild mop and high pitch. For your sweet tooth and sweeter smile. For that strawberry shaped beautiful birthmark on your cheek and for that withered, drool-covered thumb. For letting us love you and for bringing to my life such showers of happiness and contentment as i would never, ever have dreamt possible.

Happy birthday! (Baba just told me, you’ve been with us over a thousand days now, WOW!)

Some of my favorite photos from the past three years:

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