Let us help Ira!

UPDATE: 08.06.2017 The crowdsourcing campaign has been successfully funded within two days!! Thanks to all you wonderful people who shared this and poured in your contributions!!

I opened my eyes this morning to my usual worries of what to cook, how to entertain the child and so on. Browsing through Facebook with a cup of morning coffee, i saw a post which really, really shook me up badly. It was a request for funding help for a child with a brain tumor. Not that unusual on social media but my blood ran cold because I know this child!

Pratima Doshi Mehta has been my batchmate in school. We did not know each other particularly well in school; I remember her being an exceptionally swift runner, winning all the races and swotting exceptionally hard before exams!

We got in touch on Facebook as adults, connected by the common doubts and trials of parenthood. I actually got to know Pratima’s mother who does tailoring work in our area (We wanted her to work on our quilts). 

Anyway, Pratima’s three-year old daughter Ira has been diagnosed with a brain tumor last month. When I heard this, I reacted like i always do. Shock, disbelief, anger at some nameless force and lots of tears soaking the pillow where my three-year old is peacefully sleeping.

The world is just not making sense right now. Why children? Why three year olds?

Anyway now is not the time for personal drama, what this family needs is prayers and support but more importantly financial help to pull through these hard times as resiliently as the little girl is fighting for her health.

Please take a look at their crowdsourcing campaign and help with any funds you can (every little drop counts) and let us see how we can collectively make a difference!

Thank you!

Here is the link:


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