Fluffy Chick and Friends – Roger Priddy


Fluffy Chick and Friends (Roger Priddy) was the first book Rumi ever owned, when she was all of three months. It is a bright, eye-catching feel-and-touch cloth book that makes for the most ideal, perfect gift for babies. I was introduced to Priddy books by a friend, who showed me some of the cloth books her daughter had been gifted. As soon as I laid my eyes on her ‘Squishy Turtle and Friends’, I was filled with that manic have-to-own-it-right-now, can’t-think-of-anything-else desire and desperately began to plan how I could have it as it was not available on Amazon.in. I asked a friend traveling from the States to buy it for us and when it arrived, it left absolutely no room for disappointment! My favorite part about the book is the rhyming two-liners on each page. They are so beautifully written that my daughter enjoys reading the book even now, when she is long past the touch-and-feel phase. This is what distinguishes the Priddy Cloth books from other fabric books that I have found – their writing is very well thought through.

WHAT RUMI LOVES: The crinkly sound the pages make, the different textures of the farm animals, the lush, rich colors; ink-blue and sunflower-yellow and vermilion-red.

WHAT I LOVE: The beautifully lyrical writing; the book does not just have single-words but nicely composed lines about each animal that makes it delightful to read even for older tots.

This cloth book and the equally adorable other books in the series – Squishy Turtle and Friends and Fuzzy Bee and Friends all seem to be unavailable on Amazon.in (which I like to think of as the worst of the Amazons between .com, .co.uk and .de) but the bath book is available, you can buy it here.


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