“What’s for dinner?”

Wasn’t it a lovely, blissful time when we could casually throw around questions about the next meal and it was Mum’s job to make something hot and delicious on demand? (I say Mum because Abbu started cooking for me only after I got married; making apricot custard and chicken from Sanjeev Kapoor books!)

And then after marriage and then after birthing my child, it dawned upon me like a rude shock that I was mainly responsible for answering the very tedious “What’s for dinner?”

We eat out a lot and order in too but we try hard to restrict these things to once in 10 days. Since I don’t know how to make chapatis yet, we all dutifully eat chapati-sabzi-salad lunches and try to keep dinners interesting. This is not too hard when you have meatlovers like us but the challenge is to get enough veggies in our diet.

I’ve decided to start putting recipes together that have worked for us in the past and are super-easy to make, along with tips and substitutes easily available at homes. We take a lot of them from other websites but I will also share a few family recipes.

Here is what we made for dinner last night, chicken in garlic sauce, minty peas and sweet carrots.

My husband made the chicken from this recipe. It made my maid laugh like crazy to peel exactly 40 cloves of garlic but she did it!

I made the minty peas from a Jamie Oliver recipe. Jamie Oliver is a fantastic source for quick, healthy meals. For the carrots, I steamed them in our tiny cooker (2 whistles) and just added them to a pan with some olive oil, butter, dried herbs and honey.

Rums got an extra serving of cherry tomatoes from our plant because she doesn’t eat too many vegetables otherwise.

If you have any fail-proof yummy family dinners up your sleeve, please write to me I would love to try those and feature them on my blog too. Happy eating!

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