How do I pick the right school for my child?

Of all the posts I have ever written, I get the most traffic on my post on alternative schooling.

And parents often call to discuss the best school for their kid, whether alternative schooling is really right for them and how they should go about choosing a school. And while nobody, including me, can answer the best school question definitively, I had a few ideas that might help you come closer to a school of your choice.

I made a video, thinking that it was time I explored other avenues to share my parenting journey such as videos and podcasts.

Like every beginning, it is a learning curve to have to tape myself and find the best lighting and so on. It was hard for me to get over barriers like my voice quality (I have been told it is irritating!) and how I looked.

But one thing this blog has definitely taught me is that you get more confident with practice like I did with writing; I was so self-conscious and worried when I wrote my first blog post, but now I just put it out there with minimum stress.

Here is a video on how you can choose between all the schooling options out there. I haven’t yet touched upon homeschooling and unschooling and hope to do so soon.

I would love to hear your thoughts as always!

P.S. I have lots of updates on R’s school situation, I will write about that as soon as we have some clarity ourselves!

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