A made-up story by Rumi that draws inspiration from facts!

You know how parents sometimes make up stories with a moral when they want to teach their child something? Like how a girl ate too many chocolates and ruined her teeth? Or a boy watched too many videos and had to go and get 5 huge, eye-injections? (Yes, mine are blatantly obvious but they are…

The heart blanket: For dealing with a sensitive child

In the initial days of our marriage, even before we seriously thought about trying to have kids, we occasionally fantasized about our future children. These fantasy children would have the best of our genes. “Your curls for sure!” I would say wishfully, reveling in the luxuriant, springy bounce of the dark head next to mine….

The Aashiqui 2 title track by Rumi

I know the video is poor quality so treat this as an audio clip: Rumi singing a bollywood number at the top of her lungs during lights-out on the balcony.

The heartache that is Parenting

When we found out that we were expecting Rumi, we started making our preparations for her arrival. We read books on pregnancy and the birthing process and breastfeeding and sleep training. All our preps were focused on making my body ready for her growth (nutrition, vitamins, rest), on making room in our lives for her…

Brown Bear, Brown Bear –  read out loud by Rumi

We recently added Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? to our growing stash of picture books and I am just wondering how we did not buy it earlier; it is so simple and catchy with Carle’s trademark gorgeous illustrations. Rumi learnt up the book in one go and started…

The campaign for Ira

So many kind hands came together to help a child and her parents in need. A lot of them didn’t even know Pratima or her family personally.  Yesterday, a big-hearted friend agreed to pitch Ira’s story at the Pune Mirror and this is the outcome: Thank you to all the good people that made this happen….