The story behind this blog


I’m so glad you’ve happened upon this blog!

Two Purple Lines started as a way of coping with the clouds of confusion, despair, frustration and occasional boredom that I experienced soon after my daughter Rumi was born, but it gradually turned into something so much more than that:  a way of documenting all that is joyous and rewarding about raising her and a platform for sharing my day-to-day experiences as a Stay-At-Home-Mom and connecting with other parents.

We are an inter-religious, multilingual family and we hope to infuse our parenting with the best of both our cultural backgrounds. Rumi is growing up with English, Hindi, Marathi and German (my husband is a German teacher) and lots of stories in all these languages. If I had to sum up my parenting philosophy in one line, it would be: When in doubt, tell a story, read a story, make-up a story. Apart from storytelling, we believe in letting her natural creativity and curiosity unfurl at its own pace without curtailing her free-spiritedness through planned schedules and activities.

As a result, Rumi, who is three, has not yet been to any school or daycare or workshop or camp although we are on the lookout for a school that will be in alignment with our beliefs. This means, that she spends all her time at home and we have to be extra creative in our time together: a challenging task that keeps me on my toes every single day.

Raising Rumi has also re-ignited an old passion for children’s books and storytelling so  I have created a section called ‘The Rocking Chair’ to write about children’s literature: book reviews, author interviews and everything about the books that she and I enjoy together.

In the ‘Things we love’ I review products that we love, that fit in with our parenting philosophy and that have made our life better in any way.

If any of the reviews inspire you to buy a book, it would be great if you could use the affiliate link I provide for making your purchases. That helps me make some money and is a great motivator and incentive to really only bring you the best, most quality content I can.

If you have an interesting insight / anecdote about parenting to share or any information / product that makes the life of parents easier, I would love to hear about it so do drop me a line! (Drop me a line, even if you don’t, I always love to hear thoughts and feedback on what I have written and I’m super-prompt at replying back too!)

Parenting is arduous and frustrating and sometimes just bleh, but it is also so momentous and gratifying and fulfilling and this is what I hope to capture with my posts: all those moments of ordinariness sprinkled with a sudden dusting of shimmering joy; feelings of fear and guilt and anxiety interspersed with laughter and warmth and pride.

Happy reading and lots of love!

Rumi’s Mommy